Sunderland 1-1 Swansea (22.08.2015) Live Commentary

We can hope that the managers will be able to motivate the players and stir them to perform better in the next games. We haven’t seen very exciting football today. The visiting team was controlling the game most of the time. The home team made a lot of passes and attempted to maintain possession. The away side’s tactic was counter-attacking.
Nothing more will happen in this game because it is over.
Sebastian Larsson (Sunderland) fails to produce a decent enough free kick for a player of his ability and the only target that he finds is the wall of defenders in front of him.
The referee stops play so that a substitution can be made and Jeremain Lens will leave the pitch so that Sebastian Larsson (Sunderland) can replace him.
Neil Swarbrick shows the yellow card to Gylfi Sigurdsson (Swansea) for a heavy challenge. Sunderland are awarded a free kick from a dangerous position.
Jack Rodwell (Sunderland) reacts well and displays good awareness inside the box to get on the end of the resulting corner kick. He fails to direct the ball into the net as it flies narrowly over the crossbar.
Yann M’Vila (Sunderland) is about to take a corner kick.
Duncan Watmore (Sunderland) delivers a promising cross into the box which is cleared. Sunderland force a corner. Their opponent will face another attacking threat.
Fourth official shows 3 min. of added time.
Andre Ayew (Swansea) fires from the edge of the penalty area. The ball travels towards the bottom left corner, but Costel Pantilimon comes with a save and doesn’t allow it any further.
Jeremain Lens (Sunderland) takes a mid-range free kick and the effort crashes into the defensive wall.
An opponent rises to his feet after being downed by Gylfi Sigurdsson (Swansea). Neil Swarbrick saw his sliding tackle and calls for a foul. Sunderland earn a free kick which could lead to a goal-scoring opportunity.
Federico Fernandez (Swansea) is inside the box in a promising position to head home! What a chance out there! His poor header flies into the stands. What an unlucky header. The ball is out of the pitch and it’s a goal kick for Sunderland.
Substitution. Duncan Watmore (Sunderland) in, Jermain Defoe out.
Swansea couldn’t find the way to score from a long-range free kick as Costel Pantilimon (Sunderland) leaps high and intercepts a cross.
Jeremain Lens (Sunderland) makes a foul. At least that’s what referee Neil Swarbrick signals. A free kick is given to Swansea.
The attendance for today’s match is 39198.
Patrick van Aanholt (Sunderland) is the one who receives a yellow card.
Jonjo Shelvey (Swansea) fails to deliver a decent cross from the corner and the ball goes out-of-play. The ball goes out-of-play and Sunderland will have a goal kick.
Swansea display good ball movement. They are waiting for some opportunity to get in a chance, but now the attack is averted. Swansea get a chance to score from a corner kick.
Federico Fernandez (Swansea) and Kyle Naughton combine well with a quick one-two pass to trick their opponent.
It is time for a substitution. Eder (Swansea) is on for Bafetimbi Gomis.
Jeremain Lens (Sunderland) strikes from the edge of the box, but hits it really poorly and sends the ball way over the bar. The ball is out of the pitch and it’s a goal kick for Swansea.
It looked like a long-range shot, unleashed by Gylfi Sigurdsson (Swansea), would end up inside the net, but the effort goes slighlty over the bar. The goalkeeper was quite lucky this time. The ball goes out-of-play and Sunderland will have a goal kick.
Costel Pantilimon comes with a brilliant save against a header by Bafetimbi Gomis (Swansea) from very close range. His attempt goes towards the right-hand post, but doesn’t get past the goalkeeper.
The assistant referee raises his flag. Steven Fletcher (Sunderland) is adjudged offside.
Jeremain Lens (Sunderland) tries to find Steven Fletcher, but he put too much power on that pass.
Gylfi Sigurdsson (Swansea) takes a short corner kick.
Costel Pantilimon hears fans clapping for his superb goalkeeping. He stops the effort from Gylfi Sigurdsson (Swansea) from the edge of the box with a magnificent save. The ball would have probably ended inside the bottom left corner. The ball goes out-of-play. Swansea are awarded a corner kick.
Here is a change. Danny Graham is going off and Dick Advocaat gives the last tactical orders to Steven Fletcher (Sunderland).
Yann M’Vila (Sunderland) whips in the corner, but one of the defending players gets ahead of it and intercepts.
Jack Rodwell (Sunderland) decides to strike the ball towards goal, but his effort fails to threaten the goalkeeper after being well blocked by one of the defenders. Good work from Sunderland as they win a corner.
Stunning strike! Jermain Defoe (Sunderland) latches on to a precise through ball from Danny Graham before unleashing an unstoppable shot into the bottom left corner from the edge of the area. Fantastic goal. The score is now 1:1.
Jack Rodwell (Sunderland) is caught offside!
Andre Ayew (Swansea) produces a header from inside the penalty area, but he doesn’t manage to hit the ball properly and it flies well wide of the right post.
Gylfi Sigurdsson (Swansea) had a good opportunity as he fired from long range. His shot was directed towards the middle of the goal, but Costel Pantilimon (Sunderland) was alert and made a comfortable save.
Jack Rodwell (Sunderland) fires the ball towards goal from just outside the penalty area, but it goes narrowly over the crossbar after coming very close to hitting the roof of the net. The ball goes out-of-play and Swansea will have a goal kick.
John O’Shea (Sunderland) produces a header from inside the penalty area, but he doesn’t manage to hit the ball properly and it flies well wide of the left post. The ball is out of the pitch and it’s a goal kick for Swansea.
Andre Ayew (Swansea) is awarded a yellow card for his tackle. He doesn’t seem to agree with the decision, but Neil Swarbrick won’t hear any protests.
Oh, this didn’t go well. Jefferson Montero (Swansea) tried his luck from the edge of the box, but his effort directed low to the middle of the goal was too weak to get past Costel Pantilimon, who keeps it out easily.
Jeremain Lens (Sunderland) finds himself in an offside position and the referee stops play after the linesman raises his flag.
Andre Ayew (Swansea) was in a good opportunity when he latched on to a cross from the side, but his header from the six-yard box isn’t accurate enough and the ball glances away off the bar.
Jefferson Montero (Swansea) takes the corner with a short pass.
Jefferson Montero (Swansea) sends the ball into the box from the side of the pitch, but his cross is blocked. The ball goes behind for a corner. Swansea will have an opportunity to endanger the opposition’s goal.
The assistant referee signals offside, and the main referee confirms his decision. Andre Ayew (Swansea) is the one who was caught offside.
Jonjo Shelvey (Swansea) takes the free kick but it is cleared by the first man.
This foul is worthy of a card! And it is a yellow shown by referee Neil Swarbrick to the guilty Sebastian Coates (Sunderland). A free kick to Swansea.
The game restarts for the second half.
In the previous 45 minutes, we have witnessed a rather boring football with almost no goal opportunities nor exciting moments on either side. We can’t see either of the teams enjoying any significant control of the game. The home players present themselves with long passes and crosses into the box. The away side is creating their opportunities using lightning-fast counter-attacks.
That is it for the first half after the referee blows his whistle and the players head to their dressing rooms.
Bafetimbi Gomis (Swansea) receives a killer pass, finds himself one-on-one with the goalkeeper and drills the ball into the bottom left corner of the goal. Magnificent finish.
Bafetimbi Gomis (Swansea) commits an offensive foul and referee Neil Swarbrick immediately signals a set piece.
Jonjo Shelvey (Swansea) puts a cross into the box from the corner but there is no panic for the oppositon as they easily clear.
Ashley Williams (Swansea) strikes the ball towards goal, but it fails to reach the target after being well blocked by one of the defenders. The assistant referee makes a right call and Swansea will have a corner.
There will be a minimum of 3 min. of added time.
Billy Jones (Sunderland) is able to continue to play.
Jefferson Montero (Swansea) makes a run beyond the last defender, but he is offside.
Jonjo Shelvey (Swansea) whips in the resulting set piece which has been cleared.
Jeremain Lens (Sunderland) carelessly plunged himself under the feet of his opponent and couldn’t expect to avoid punishment. This time, Neil Swarbrick keeps the cards in his pocket, but he blows for the foul. That’s a free kick to Swansea.
Billy Jones (Sunderland) is down injured and the referee stops play so that he can receive medical treatment.
That was a wasted opportunity to score by Danny Graham (Sunderland). He picks up the rebound and produces a poor effort which is easily saved by the goalkeeper.
Yann M’Vila (Sunderland) takes the free kick from a long way out but the defender manages to get it clear.
Kyle Naughton (Swansea) jumps into tackle, but Neil Swarbrick blows his whistle for a foul. A free kick to Sunderland. It’s in no position to be converted into a direct shot on goal.
Andre Ayew (Swansea) strikes from the edge of the box, but hits it really poorly and sends the ball way wide of the right post. The ball goes out-of-play and Sunderland will have a goal kick.
Jeremain Lens (Sunderland) is adjudged offside.
Bafetimbi Gomis (Swansea) slams the ball to the middle of the goal, but it doesn’t surprise Costel Pantilimon (Sunderland) who is equal to it.
Danny Graham (Sunderland) almost got himself in a promising opportunity, but the pass from Jeremain Lens (Sunderland) was intercepted by one of the defending players.
Jonjo Shelvey (Swansea) tries to take his opponent by surprise with a quick free kick.
Billy Jones (Sunderland) holds his opponent to prevent him from getting the ball and the referee blows his whistle for a foul. Swansea have a free kick.
Yann M’Vila (Sunderland) takes the corner kick, but Lukasz Fabianski (Swansea) reads it well and stops the effort.
Jeremain Lens (Sunderland) crosses into the box from near the side line, but he doesn’t hit it as he wanted, and it’s averted by the well-organized defence. The ball is out-of-play and Sunderland manage to earn a corner.
Jefferson Montero (Swansea) produces a solo run, but he fails to create a chance as the opposition player cuts him out.
Neil Swarbrick shows a yellow card to Lee Cattermole (Sunderland) for a tough tackle.
Billy Jones (Sunderland) tries to send a pass but it’s blocked.
Jeremain Lens (Sunderland) says more than he should have to the referee and is shown a yellow card.
Jeremain Lens (Sunderland) commits a foul after unfairly battling his opponent for the ball.
Jack Rodwell (Sunderland) trips an opposition player, and Neil Swarbrick signals a foul.
Andre Ayew (Swansea) smashes the ball towards goal from the edge of the penalty box, but it goes well wide of the right post. The ball is out of the pitch and it’s a goal kick for Sunderland.
Lee Cattermole (Sunderland) passes the ball onto Jeremain Lens (Sunderland), but one of the defenders dispossesses him.
Jefferson Montero (Swansea) sends a cross into the box, but the opposition’s defence quickly intercepts the ball.
Andre Ayew (Swansea) is moving again okay after that injury scare.
Andre Ayew (Swansea) is asking for medical treatment, but he will have to leave the pitch in order to receive help from the physio.
Neil Swarbrick blows the whistle. Jack Rodwell (Sunderland) committed a foul when he hit the opponent’s legs instead of the ball.
Neil Swarbrick blows the whistle, Jeremain Lens (Sunderland) is penalised for a foul.
Lee Cattermole (Sunderland) escapes without any punishment from the referee after using excessive force to foul his opponent.
Sunderland control the tempo of the game as they are exchanging some accurate short passes.
Here we go, today’s match is starting right now.
The Swansea players will kick-off.
Today’s referee will be Neil Swarbrick.
Both teams starting lineups are available now, so you can have a look at them.
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