Salzburg vs Schalke – Football friendlies

Thursday night starting at 20:30 will be a super friendly between Austria’s Salzburg, 2nd last season in Austria, and Schalke 04 Bundesliga 4th in Germany.

Salzburg has not done bad at all so far in training, but only tomorrow will be a really strong test for the Austrians. They have recorded two wins and a draw this summer, defeating those from Paderborn 7-2 and those from Metz 3-0. The draw came in front of Verl 0-0.
Austrian far is the strong point of attack, these discussions without having the best attack in Austria last season, scoring 91 goals in 36 stages. The defense was also solid, averaging just over 1 goal cashed on stage.

The Germans on the other hand have much better numbers in training and come from a superior football. Schalke recorded three wins in three friendlies so far. Their victims were Malmo 2-1, Vardar, 3-2 and FC Villingen score 5-0. This confirms once more that Schalke is a very offensive formation, working and otherwise normal if we think that they have very talented players from the waist up.
Schalke had one of the best five attacks Bundesliga last season, and this has brought Germans and 4th place in the ranking, the last to ensure the presence in the Champions League.