Pogon Szczecin vs Lyon – Football friendlies

On Wednesday, July 10, 2013 starting at 19:30 will be the day when Lyon will start preparation period this summer. French first friendly of the list is Pogon Szczecin against the Poles, and the quota for Lyon’s victory is larger than we expected.

Pogon Szczecin has already played three friendlies this summer, but this can not be considered an advantage over your opponent when the opponent is a band of the stature of Lyon. Poles are still unbeaten, recording until now one win and two draws.
With reference to figures Team Poland Ekstraklasa last season, we can say that Pogon has defensive problems rather large, cashed averaged 39 goals in 30 stages. Pogon finished 12 Championship, 16 teams, only four points above last place in the rankings.

Lyon on the other side of the barricade, did not dispute any of terminerea friendly match last season, and in this case we relate to French figures of the previous season. They had emotions championship final due to an unexpected fall in last 10 rounds. Lyon finally managed to cement their third place and OL will participate in the UEFA Champions League this season.
With an attack that scored 61 times in 38 rounds, Lyon is France’s second offense, and the defense is able, with an average of only 1 goal per game cashed. Last match for Lyon before this duel took place on May 26 and was an unexpected home defeat against Rennes.